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A Texas Electric Power Systems, LLC Company
Supporting EV Dealers
and the Electric Vehicle Industry
EV Depot
1301 Pulliam St
San Angelo, TX 76903

EV Depot is a division of Texas Electric Power Systems, LLC, based in San Angelo, Texas. ElectricRider is also a division of Texas Electric Power Systems, LLC. EV Depot supports retailers of Light Electric Vehicles. We stock a wide range of products and parts to support the EV industry. EV Depot technicians perform warranty and post-warranty service on many brands, and our services are sold by retailers.

If you need service on a product, step 1 is to contact the dealer from whom you purchased. If your dealer is no longer an EV Depot member dealer, you may contact us directly at the phone number listed on your product. 

EV Depot is the primary Service Center in the US for these brands
Crystalyte 5000 series and 400 series Hub Motor Systems
Even if you did not purchase from an EV Depot member dealer, we will service your hub motor system manufactured by Crystalyte.
Phoenix, RoadRunner, Sparrow Hub Motor Systems
Owner's Manual
Home Assembly Guide
Rayos, ElecTrec and LashOut Bikes
No receipt needed if purchased from an EV Depot Member dealer. EV Depot has a record of your purchase.
Vego Scooters (SX-600, IQ-450)
US Importer quit business in 2004. A few parts are still available. No batteries.
EV Depot Contact Information for Dealers / Resellers
New Dealer Inquiries
Consumer email to this address will be deleted without reply.
Member Dealers Member dealers receive EV Depot contact information.

Post-warranty (out-of-warranty) Service Policy
EV Depot charges a non-refundable $55 diagnostic fee which is applied toward labor cost if you elect to have the unit repaired. If it is not cost-effective to repair your unit, the diagnostic fee may be applied toward purchase of a replacement. Hub motor refurbishing is $75 including parts. Repairs left over 30 days will be discarded or sold for the cost of the repair.

Shipping Damage
If your product is shipped to you and arrives damaged, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product. Dealers' policies vary widely. Shipping damage is not covered by any warranty.

Warranty Service
If you are a consumer with a defective in-warranty product, begin by contacting the dealer from whom you purchased. If your dealer is no longer in business, you may write us directly at

What a warranty is
Some defects will occur in even the highest quality products manufactured under ideal conditions. Warranties are designed to protect consumers from such defects. Electronic components typically either have a very short life or a very long life. Marginal components will fail during the first few minutes or hours of use, usually well within any manufacturer's warranty period.

What a warranty is NOT
A warranty is not a guarantee of satisfaction with a given product for a given use. Warranties do not cover shipping damage, failures caused by abuse, or parts that are expected to wear out during normal use. Examples of items not covered by warranties are tires, tubes, brake linings, and cables.