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Powering Commercial Electric Vehicle Fleet Success

EV Depot is your single source solution for off-site parking of commercial electric vehicles. We also offer standard parking lots, fleet washing services, fleet auto repair and other related services.

With a continually growing inventory of depot/parking lots available on the east coast, we are able to accommodate the charging, parking and service needs of both electric and carbon-based vehicle fleets for any sized operator.  Permanently installed chargers at our parking facilities utilize the latest technology and provide charging services for any commercial electric or consumer vehicle.

In addition to delivering state of the art fleet charging services, EV Depot also offers solutions for commercial vehicle fleet maintenance, repair and emergency rescue for both electric and carbon-based vehicles. We can also provide fleet washing services and fleet auto body repair.   EV Depot is committed to learning the unique business needs of our customers, regardless of their size, so we can be a single source solution for all of their electric vehicle fleet needs.

Let us help you successfully integrate and maintain a fleet of highly cost effective and reliable commercial electric vehicles into your delivery logistics strategy with our wide range of support services. 

Join on the carbon free team at EV Depot!

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Our services

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of EV related services, including:

Charging Solutions

From small to large scale, our commercial charging solutions are flexible to meet your unique business needs. We can accommodate the charging requirements of any EV vehicle.

Parking Solutions

We have a wide range of both overnight and long-term parking options for our customers, no matter the size of their fleet. Our parking depot's are secure and convenient.

Warehousing Solutions

Several of our conveniently located parking depot's also offer clean and secure, top quality warehouse and refrigerated warehouse space for our customers’ short and long term needs.

Maintenance Programs

Our highly experienced team can keep your vehicles operating at top performance with our expert maintenance services. Our proactive programs are tailor fit to keep your fleet on the road, with cost efficiencies always being a top priority.

Emergency Rescue Services

Help protect the safety of your employees, vehicles and cargo with our prompt, reliable and always available emergency rescue services. We can help minimize down time and lost productivity when break downs occur.


Medium and heavy duty trucking accounts for 23 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions
By 2030, the US market for energy-optimization services to support the charging of electric-vehicle fleets could be worth $15 billion per year
Source McKinsey & Co

Notable Relationships

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